Are You Watching Me?

by Tony Frier

Nerdy Jon and his wife Alison are all packed up and just about ready to move from their 5th storey flat in present day Wolverhampton. Alison is heavily pregnant* and Jon spends hours watching a man on an opposite balcony who appears to be watching them. Alison then receives a text asking ‘Are You Watching Me?’ How does the man know who they are, how has he got Alison’s number, and why is he watching them? Alison’s brother, David, who constantly goads Jon for being a short, unemployed, vegetarian wimp, arrives with his binoculars and in a surprising attempt to stand up for himself and his wife, Jon decides to head over to the opposite flat to challenge the watcher.

In the second scene Jon confronts the ‘voyeur’ (Alistair), learns what he has been doing on his balcony and why and how, though a series of events and coincidences, fate has brought the two of them together with a horrific conclusion as dark secrets are realised.

*There are two versions of the play - one with a pregnant Alison (so clearly she needs to be of ‘child-bearing age’) and a second which has Alison with her leg in plaster (so her age isn’t so relevant). Jon and David’s ages are relative to Alison’s. Please let me know for which version(s) you wish to audition.

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Auditioning on the 13th of December 2017?

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She endures, but becomes increasingly irritated by, Jon. However, she does need to feel something for him and stands up for him to David. Desperate to move from their ‘crappy flat’, we see a significant shift from her laid-back sarcasm to the genuine fear once the text message is received.


Comparable age to Alison, his wife. Total nerd. He collects stamps, beer mats and toy soldiers and is easily wound up by David – not least about him being vertically challenged. Irritating. There needs to be, however, a phenomenal change in character in scene two that is convincing, unnerving and frightening.


Comparable age to his sister, Alison (not specified, but envisaged as being her older brother). Good sense of humour which is used to rib Jon and should be taller than him. Has a genuine concern for Alison.


No specific age, but needs to be capable of being knocked to the floor. Tries to be friendly, ‘neighbourly’, and has a sense of humour, but equally gets irritated with Jon and wants rid of him so he can get on with his work. Again, a huge and convincing change is needed when he realises the predicament he is in.

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Director - Tony Frier

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Stage Manager - Emma Frier


Set Design and Construction - John Godliman