Three Trophies for RDG at Woking Drama Festival

about 3 years ago

Woking Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the country and it's two week run ended on 17th October with three trophies and five nominations for awards for RDG's two productions.

After two weeks of competition, Woking Festival held a gala evening on 17th October when the Adjudicator, Jan Palmer Sayer, recalled three plays to provide a balanced evening's entertainment. RDG's production of Joe Orton's black comedy Funeral Games, directed by Judith Dolley, was one of those three to be recalled.

At the end of the evening, the awards ceremony was held and Funeral Games was awarded the Technical Excellence award and Marc Anderson won the Cup for Best Actor. Judith was nominated for Best Director and Linda Russell was nominated for Best Actress.

Also competing in the festival was our Youth Group for teenagers, RDG Youth with a complex piece of theatre, Loose Connections, directed by Nancy Lund. Thomas Jacobs won the award for Best Supporting Player and there were nominations for the awards for Best Use of Sound and the Lighting Award as well as a nomination for Best Junior Player for Maisy Jacobs.

Congratulations to all. Both plays will now go on to compete in the Spelthorne & Runnymede Festival at the Riverside Arts Centre, Lower Sunbury on 20th October (Funeral Games) and 24th October (Loose Connections.)