Anna Foster

10 appearances in RDG productions

Wardrobe credits ~ 13

Anna made her RDG debut in 2004 in the musical Copacabana. In 2010 she took on the demanding role of organising the Georgian costumes for the large cast in Tom Jones. She also took charge of the costumes for 42nd Street. ~ as well as making cameo appearances in the show. In 2012 she was responsible for the multitude of colourful costumes needed for our festival play Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World for which she received high praise from the adjudicators. Her Edwardian costumes for When We Are Married were greatly admired. Anna took to the stage again as an English lady abroad in Crazy For You following which she appeared in Nine to Five. She was also part on the ensemble in our popular musical White Christmas.

For our next musical - Sister Act Anna gave an amusing performance as a somewhat distracted nun! She was part of the impressive cast of singers in Chess.