Graham Botterill

15 appearances in RDG productions

Graham gave a wonderfully relaxed performance as the dead body inert throughout the whole play Real Inspector Hound, The. He made several cameo appearances in both our hit musicals Sweet Charity and 42nd Street as well as the modern marital drama Passion Play.
He played a major role in our production of Arcadia followed by the kindly Sq. Allworthy in Tom Jones. He made a very amusing suicidal Mr Purdue in Habeas Corpus and the vicar in When We Are Married. In our popular musical, Crazy For You, he gave a warm and sympathethic performance as a kindly father. In Travels With My Aunt Graham appeareared in more than a dozen amusing cameo roles. In 2016 he was one of Macheath's spirited gang in The Beggar's Opera and the following year he played a wonderfully lugubrious caretaker in our popular musical White Christmas.In 2018 he donned ecclesiastical robes playing the Bishop in Alan Bennett's People. In 2019 he gave a delightfully amusing cameo performance as a somewhat dotty ageing judge in or production of the classic Volpone. He ended that year by making his RDG directing debut when was responsible for our festival presentation of the touching play triptych.