Graham Collier

22 appearances in RDG productions

Graham joined the group in 2007 and was immediately cast as Captain Hardy in our notable production of Journey's End. In great contrast his following performance was as the sexually alluring Turkish carpet salesman in The Lightning Play. Contrast came again when he moved across the Atlantic to play the doctor in Broken Glass. Graham went on to give an impressive performance as the emotionally-torn John Hale in The Crucible. In 2012 he made a deep impression playing the demanding central role in Brian Friel's Making History and ended that year with his affecting performance as the ailing John in Calendar Girls. In 2013 he made an amusing bluff Yorkshireman in When We Are Married. He ended the year playing with huge success in Woody Allen's Riverside Drive - a mercurial performance which won him the Best Actor trophy at Spelthorne Drama festival and contributing to the RDG's dual success there and at the Woking Festival ~ and subsequently at the All-Winners Festival in the Isle of Man. 2014 saw him play the paternalistic Sydney governor in Our Country's Good - a huge contrast to his comedy performance as am obsessional bird-watcher in Seven Year Twitch. Graham made a strong impassion as the tweedy humanist teacher in Quatermain's Terms, following which he appeared as Jemmy Twitcher in The Beggar's Opera. In 2017 he scored great success in the hugely demanding role as the emotionally-torn Jerome in the psychodrama The Passion of Jerome. In contrast later that year he made an earthy farmer in Somerset Maugham's For Services Rendered. He ended the year with a quartet of cameos in the musical White Christmas. Graham gave another variety of cameo roles in in our popular comedy Handbagged with his performances as Michael Heseltine and Kenneth Kaunda being particularly memorable! In 2019 he gave a masterly comic performance in the demanding title role Volpone and ended the year playing a cleric in our popular musical Sister Act. In the following year we sadly lost his acting talents as he moved to the New Forest