Neil James

10 appearances in RDG productions

Neil joined the group in 2016 and was immediately cast as one of the teachers in Quatermain's Terms which was in contrast to his lively performance in his next role in The Beggar's Opera. The following year he was nominated for Best Actor at both Woking and Spelthorne festivals for his colourful performance in Brighton Beach Scumbags. In 2018 he played the sickly smooth estate agent in People, In huge contrast he went on to play the merry monarch Charles II in Nell Gwynn. Considerably less merry was his gloomy avaricious Voltore - a role he played with unctuous zeal in Volpone. After the pandemic hiatus Neil appeared in the surreal comedy Bear Hug which won three awards at he 2021 Maidenhead Drama festival. At the end of the year he played - with great relish - the drunken sot, Squire Sullen in the classic comedy The Beaux Stratagem. In The Seafarer Neil created a disarmingly enigmatic Christmas Eve visitor.