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Part of our 56th Production (Summer Theatre - three plays on a matter of life and death) alongside One Season's King and The Good And Faithful Servant (1) almost 50 years ago

The Elephant Man

The play tells the well-known heartrending true story of John Merrick and the Victorian society which exploited his repulsively deformed body. It makes for highly charged theatre. almost 28 years ago

An Englishman Abroad (Festival)

An Englishman Abroad is based on actress Coral Browne's 1958 visit to Moscow with the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she met the exiled English spy, Guy Burgess. In writing the play Bennett was ... over 13 years ago


172nd Production One of Alan Bennett’s early works (1980) this interesting play is rarely performed but did have a recent West End revival and national tour in 2008/9 with Alison Steadman and David... about 10 years ago

Entertaining Mr Sloane (Act One) (Festival)

over 39 years ago


This well-known play tells the story of two people. The first is a young teenage boy who has deliberately blinded some horses and the second is the psychiatrist who in exploring the reasons behind ... almost 31 years ago

An Evening with Gary Lineker

An Evening with Gary Lineker, transports us back to the Summer of 1990 and The World Cup Tournament hosted by Italy. An event whose soundtrack was provided by Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma echoing aroun... about 22 years ago