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Obituaries (Festival)

“Obituaries” was performed on BBC Television in 1992 with Ronnie Fraser and Ian Carmichael in the starring roles. It is a modern comedy of intrigue where underhand influence is exerted to achieve ... about 16 years ago

Oh What a Lovely War (1)

55th Production. about 50 years ago

Oh What a Lovely War (2)

74th Production almost 44 years ago

Oh What a Lovely War (excerpts) (Festival)

Having presented the full length version in March 1974, excerpts were entered into three local drama festivals - Maidenhead (adjudicator Gordon Luck), Staines (adjudicator Graham Suter) and Hilling... about 50 years ago

Old Time Music Hall (1)

Our first attempt at Old Time Music Hall. This was a fund raiser and toured various venues, including the White Lion Hall, Egham almost 53 years ago

Old Time Music Hall (2)

almost 33 years ago

Oliver! (1)

over 45 years ago

Oliver! (2)

about 30 years ago

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The story of a devil-may-care rogue who has been transferred from prison because of difficult behaviour into an American state mental institution. McMurphy transforms the cold, lifeless, loveless ... over 18 years ago

One Season's King

Part of our 56th Production (Summer Theatre - three plays on a matter of life and death) alongside Edward and The Good And Faithful Servant 1 almost 50 years ago

Orchestra,The (Festival)

about 45 years ago

The Other Children (2)

30th Production. A colourful second outing for this children's play, following the successful production in 1954. The play dips into the worlds of Treasure Island, The Water Babies and Alice in Wo... about 61 years ago

The Other Children(1)

15th production. The play meanders through Treasure Island, The Water Babies, Little Women and Alice in Wonderland. The Other Children had its own special appeal, with over fifty in the cast. It is... over 69 years ago

Our Country's Good

174th Production. Set in Botany Bay in 1789 soon after the First Fleet convict ships arrived there, Our Country’s Good tells the true story of the rehearsals for the first play to be performed in A... over 9 years ago