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The Land of the Christmas Stocking

21st production. over 66 years ago

Land of the Dead and Helter Skelter (Festival)

Neil LaBute is regarded as one of the best new playwrights and screenwriters to emerge in the past decade. He has received much acclaim in the West End including recently for "Fat Pig", but first c... about 15 years ago

Lark Rise

almost 37 years ago

The Last Apache Reunion

over 27 years ago

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

A comedy by Neil Simon. Barney Cashman at the age of 47 wants to join the sexual revolution before it's too late, but Barney Cashman is a gentle sober soul with a true-blue wife of 23 years and ab... about 18 years ago

The Last Yankee (Festival)

almost 25 years ago

Lear's Daughters (Festival)

Lear's Daughters takes its story and characters from the 'gaps' in Shakespeare's King Lear. The story of King Lear is revised and refocussed onto his three daughters. We discover moments from their... almost 23 years ago

Les Liaison Dangereuses

over 29 years ago

A Letter From The General

35th Production. A gripping play, set in an Eastern mission station. about 59 years ago

The Life of Brian - a Celebration of the life of Brian Walters

Brian Walters, who died in December 2006, was a valued and active member of RDG for over 35 years. His many talents and skills meant he contributed to the life of the group in many ways - on stage ... almost 17 years ago

The Lightning Play

This play was premiered at the Almeida Theatre, London in 2006. The play has just been released for amateurs so RDG may be the first to perform it. Charlotte Jones is the author of "Humble Boy" whi... almost 16 years ago

Little Glass Houses (Festival)

A period piece, entered into the 1968 Staines Festival (adjudicator Marjorie Cornwell), an event RDG has supported, with only one exception, every year since - often with great success. about 56 years ago

The Little Goose Girl

32nd Production. The lasts of Margaret Greenslade's plays for children, this play is the nearest RDG has reached to staging a pantomime. over 60 years ago

Little Lambs Eat Ivy

31st production. An amusing light comedy. about 61 years ago

A Little Like Drowning

This play is one of love won and lost, retold through the reflections of 72 year old Nonna. At home and as she walks on the beach with her granddaughter, we see her life past and present in juxtapo... about 19 years ago

Lock up your Daughters

almost 39 years ago

Lone Star (Festival)

about 29 years ago

The Long and the Short and the Tall (Festival)

about 33 years ago

Loose Connections (Festival)

This is the second play performed by the newly formed RDG Youth. Following the success of The Spasm in 2014 this play about modern methods of communication and non-communication will be presented a... over 8 years ago

Losers (Festival)

'Losers' is a one act play, part of a double bill with 'Winners' together entitled "Lovers". It is RDG's entry in the one-act play festivals at Woking and Spelthorne in October 2003. Brian Friel, ... over 20 years ago


The first ever world wide theatrical event for peace on Monday 3rd March 2003. Professional and amateur artistes to raise a collective voice for peace by producing readings of the play Lysistrata a... about 21 years ago